Friday, 3 August 2012

We all have to start somewhere…

And, since I haven't been active on here since 2015 - life does get in the way sometimes - it's time to go into 2022 with a new look and revised info.  

Currently working oh the   'Tucker - 1862 onwards' page !

This will be very much 'work in progress' for a while, please enjoy as it grows...

There will be an Overview page, and separate 'summary' pages for the four main trees, equating to one for each of my grandparents ancestors - Tucker, Thompson, Rundle and Earl.  Look for the tabs at the top of the main page.

Also links to Charts,Trees and Ahnentafels, apologies for the current 2015 'offerings'.

Thanks for looking, Alan T.

al-oct-2008-hrFirst - for any trees, ahnentafels, reports etc., LOOK RIGHT >>>  and you'll see a list under the heading

                                  * The info is here *

  Just click on any of the titles to check out details of ancestors and descendents, OK ?  These will be updated - and added to - regularly, so feel free to check back from time to time.

So -  what’s this all about ?  Well, it’s an overdue online genealogy repository for information about - and my efforts to trace - my Cornwall and Devon borderlands ancestry, Tucker / Rundle on the paternal side, and Thompson / Earl on the maternal side.  I did a load of research before the Millenium dawned, many (many) hours of which were spent in the basement squinting at micro-film in the old Public Record Office in Chancery Lane, long before easily searchable internet resources like Ancestry were available.  

The reason for the name "" ?  Well, both the Tucker and Thompson families spent the a great deal of the latter half of the 1800's, and early 1900's in East Stonehouse (now just Stonehouse, a part of Plymouth) - in fact some Tuckers and Thompsons even went to the same school there, known locally as 'Stonehouse Boys', little knowing that they'd become future 'in-laws'... 

During that same period, the Rundles were just up the road, in Plymouth 'Charles' district, by the old North Road Station, whilst the Earls sensibly stayed in Callington, Cornwall, which is where I was 'born and raised', until I moved away from Cornwall to the heady sophistication of Wiltshire at the age of 18.

I started out on a (non-Windows) version of Brothers Keeper, then the Windows version of BK, moved on to The Master Genealogist, then to the LDS ‘PAF’, followed by Family Tree Maker 2012,  but have now settled for the very flexible RootsMagic 7 .  Now comes the task of coordinating a full Filofax, reams of loose paper/photographs/certificates – all of which will be scanned and end up on my tree – and a bulging Idealist database….  Onwards and upwards, at least now I have the time, having just reached 65. (update, now 67 in April 2015...)

  I'll put up links (or info on how to get access) to any other online family trees I have, for some I may have to invite you by email.  Email link is a couple of lines down, or comment (with email)

Ancestry     FindMyPast     MyHeritage     RootsWeb/WorldConnect

But, in the meantime if you think we may have a connection, or you just want to say ‘Hello’ - please feel free to email me – click here  or you can 'right-click on that link, select an option like 'copy email address' - depending on your browser -  and then paste it into the 'to:' field on your email program. 
(btw, Comments on this blog are positively encouraged, I'll also be able to get your email address from any comment)

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