NEW Narrative & Pictures Ancestors - Rough Draft - Apr 2015

Please Note - this is a VERY rough draft, to check how the stored data turns out in a published document, so that I can go back into RootsMagic and edit the info to display in a more acceptable standard.

However, in the interests of getting the info "out there" - so that any related or interested people can contact me (click here to do that)  I'm posting this on the internet, warts and all...

For the technically minded, it's a PDF document embedded in an HTML 'frame' - the nicest way that I've found (so far) to show info and pictures sensibly.  Please read on, I'll be adding some similar family group sheets as time permits.

Alan  - April 2015      

Hint:  use the up/down slider at the side of this window to see more info, or click within the white page and scroll up and down...

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